New Officers for the New Year

Welcome to a New Year with the Wise County Quilt Guild.  We are starting the year off with  the election of new officers. 
Marilynn Collins, Treasurer; Carolyn K. Watkins, Secretary; Gaila Coursey,
2nd Vice President; Karen Summitt, 1st Vice President, and Marilyn McShan, President.
And of course, with the election of our new President, Marilyn McShan, we had the passing of the gavel (made by passed member Carol Florence), from outgoing President Phillis Parsons.  Many thanks to Phillis for her great leadership throughout the 2011 year.
President Marilyn McShan and outgoing President Phillis Parsons

Membership Dues
Marilynn will be collecting your yearly membership dues, $20 at the next meeting, February 18th.  There will be forms for you to update your records, as well as forms for our New Members to fill out.  Please pick these up at the door upon your arrival and fill out during the meeting and give to Marilynn with your dues at the end of the meeting.

Triangle Blocks from Marilyn
Please remember to bring your sewn triangle block or blocks from the January meeting that Marilyn pinned on each one of you.  These will be assembled into baby quilts for one of the organizations we support, the Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center.

Jo Ellen's 16-Patch Block Swap
Your patches are due to be turned into Jo Ellen at the next meeting.  Please have your 20+ blocks completed and ready to swap.  This should be interesting to see all of the different patched blocks and fabrics used. 

Barbara Peel and Joyce Betty