Happy 2013 Quilters!!!!

My how time has past.  I apologize for the lapse in my postings for the guilds blog.  Things have been so hectic in this neck of the woods.  But now that the holidays are behind us, maybe things will slow down a bit and things will get back on an even pace.
I just finished the first newsletter of 2013 and thought I would go make an attempt of getting a post done for our blog and update everyone on the goings on in Wise County, TX.


Our guild has been very busy little beavers over the last few months.  We presented the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) center with 122 Christmas Stockings for the children this year.  Many of our ladies put in several hours getting the stockings made.  Thanks to all of them.
Also, a call was made to quilt guilds across the country to make quilts for survivors of Hurricane Sandy.  Our ladies came through again and made a donation of 10 quilts to the cause. We feel happy in knowing that at least those families will have quilts to warm their beds at night.

Sunset Retreat

Back on the last weekend of November, many of our members attended a retreat out in Sunset Texas.  We had been asked to help make quilts for the beds of the retreat in exchange for a weekend of fun and pampering.  Let me just say, we ALL had a wonderful time.  The accommodations were just great.  There, we had more than enough room for our quilting projects.

There were cutting tables, (Karen and Jo Ellen)
design walls, (Kay)
ironing tables, (Kay and Diane)
and two tables (each). (Diane and Karen)

The food was amazing, the bed were cozy and Christy and her staff were there to help us with anything we needed.  We were able to get many projects either completed or very close to finished.

Here are some of the projects the ladies worked on.
Debbie stayed busy.

Betty got busy with her sampler.

Jo Ellen was turning projects out right and left.

Diane completed a wall project for a Christmas Present.

Donna was a very busy beaver also.

I was even able to get a few small projects finished.
Now for a few pictures, just for fun.

Join us next time.

That's all for now.